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If this were to be another OEM, we all know how damaging this would be.

Removal will be at the discretion of the moderation team. Use a case or come to terms with the fact that you'll get 50 bucks less when you sell it in a year to upgrade. Lesbian face slapping porn. It reminds me of my first iPhone, the 3G. Jet black nude. I'm a case kinda guy. I originally put a case on my mine because it was just too dam slippery.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I miss having a naked phone. Granted, its been in a drawer for a couple of years now. I'm also a dad with dad skills.

Do not submit photos of codes, or just the codes from places like Starbucks themselves. Mallu nude mms. Apple might hear you! It's been subjected to grease, oil, abrasives, metal shavings.

Its just too slippery without a case. OP's is an iPhone 7 Plus. It was tough to catch the whole phone with the light I had there but this shows a little more.

My friends look at it trying to find the scratches and only succeed when they turn it at that exact angle under a lamp. Anything relating to sharing of account details will be removed. Strangers on the internet don't know what phone I'm currently using? This includes memes, image macros, and certain screenshots. Also I have a drop where the silver shows through on the bottom corner.

Guidelines If you are submitting your own app, tell us it's yours! Anyone know of one? Those people are probably the minority on this sub, but they definitely exist. Maybe not, who knows. I wasn't using a tempered glass obvious mistake on my part and shattered the screen lol.

I have a few dents.

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And you know Best Buy is too cheap to change out the phones like apple would. Nude as the news chords. How it looks would bug the fuck outta me. I think the iPhone's design suffers under using a case. I have a sleek, Spigen case on mine and have for the whole life of the phone.

No posts highlighting throttling issues, speedtest results, bragging about battery life or hilarious Siri answers. I have a feeling that the glass on the phones from 6 on is really bad as well. But observing it under most every other angle you cannot even notice them.

Ouch, that doesn't look good. I'm thinking with the new iPhones especially if true have an all glass body and a OLED display with a more improved Jet Black finish will look so sexy and possibly not scratch and smug as easily. Jet black nude. Although I've been so lucky that my screen never cracked open when it fell out of my hands. Looking for new Wallpaper? Contact Us iMore Top. John cusack naked. Do not submit photos of codes, or just the codes from places like Starbucks themselves.

That wonderful robot that lives in our phones. It never drags on a surface, and I put it face down on the glass protector and change that out when it gets scratched up. It does look pretty cool worn out like that though. I only it go caseless at home. Flairs To add a FLAIR to your username please use a desktop browser and select "edit" under "show my flair on this subreddit" in the sidebar.

By iMore Question in forum Ask a Question. It was tough to catch the whole phone with the light I had there but this shows a little more. Instead I used a phone for 5 years the way it was not supposed to be used.

Even to keep your phone from getting scratched with out a case you can get a skin for it that's why I do because I don't like how bulky my phone can get with a case on it. Aarti agarwal nude photos. I've used the phones since the first one, never used a case and never had small scratches on the glass before.

Do not ask developers for developer account credentials. If I had a jet black iPhone, you know I'd be carrying it without a protective casing or even a screen protector All the iPhones I've been used were or are still running without a case, Don't you think it feels better when rolling naked.

I've had mine in a case since I bought it.

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Sexy feet nude pics If you take a promo code and enjoy the app, leave an upvote or even a review in the comments.
Girls driving nude Do not post images with little to no content. Do it regularly if it bothers you. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.
Horny milf lisa ann There's no way this is accurate. Before I leave it goes in one of these Spigen cases. While I agree with the philosophy of no case, a card case allows me to not carry a wallet, which is invaluable.

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