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I never liked Dutchess…. Seeking arrangement lesbian. Someone on bossip said several doctors are running up to her wanting to cut her leg off lol. Dutchess from black ink naked. He saw her on TV acting a donkey and living it up, getting new body parts instead of fixing herself to be a mother.

Donna gets on my nerves. How u going to treat a woman like shit but dont want her with anybody else? Karlie Reed need to do better when finding love. He was beaten and spent two years in juvi at the age of 17 or some crazy young age.

We never liked u. It took years for her to finally get clean, but she did it and her and my cousin have a pretty decent relationship. Me and my sweetie literally paused and rewind to the tattoo, then took about 10 minutes of crying laughing no lie wtf! It looks like that thing people with diabetes get on their leg. I cannah I cannah. Is this Black Ink or the Duchess show? Would you be happy with that tattoo?? She must be really desperate to make money so she has to compromise her morals by being a attention whore.

She may not have influenced him to say those things but the fact she let him do it in her shop is messy. Mariette hartley nude pics. I used to always think not me. Skky now i know ducthess weak ass set this up im sorry. She my favorite on the show but still. Velocity, Season 6 premiere Between Netflix, series premiere May Donna done spray painted this ladies leg and put some dots at the top and call it wildflowers. When kevin and young bae bust their ass.

Just because your opinion is its not right do my make it so. At the end of the day he will find out who his true friends are. Max is a typical bitch ass niggA. My point is everyone had something to gain or lose from this. Women who can relate to you, cry with you, hold your hand, fight for you and want nothing from you.

I forget what he did ,but whatever he did cease downgraded him to receptionist. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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I know that girl regrets putting in front her five minutes of fame by being in black ink, to what the end result is, you got a jail tattoo and everyone knows it.

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Nah, NYC in particular has been the most progressive city concerning teen mother and their children for over 30 years. Milf hot porno. Maybe it will be better for him and his new family since they just keep getting more outrageous on the show. She used to always say she so scared to meet him.

Is Carly Red forever going to be hunting down men who hit it at run?! I was annoyed with that. Donna has done better tattoos. She may not have influenced him to say those things but the fact she let him do it in her shop is messy. Will all this wedding talk make Teddy think about settling down? Good always comes from bad …. Does it glow in the dark? My goodness these bad girls are out of control.

Will Ceaser and Dutchess make up for good? Only comment is Ceasar hope u wearing a condom with these hoes u with!

Persuasion is such a hoe. I paused it and bust out laughin!! Dutchess is an attention whore. Are you kidding girl, like how is Duchess not moving on when this entire episode was basically the Duchess show. Blogger July 8, at 7: Glad to see Walt and Bae back…Kevin too! Yeah, Dirty dancing, but dancing with clothes on. Fuko huge tits. Dutchess from black ink naked. Naw, sis, just YOU. Someone on bossip said several doctors are running up to her wanting to cut her leg off lol. Music Video Don Q Ft. This bitch has sunk to a new low!

I might give Miami a try. Me and Donna would have had a misunderstanding over that tattoo, ijs.

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