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Destroyer escort sailors association

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B ack To Top. Medal of Honor Recipients. Free lesbian anal sex stories. The largest convention had over 3, attendees and took 5 hotels for accommodations.

American military history, especially naval and maritime history. When you see all the great information in our newspaper, we know you will want to join. Destroyer escort sailors association. Just click on the membership form. The Navy contracted where it could. Navy or Coast Guard veteran who served on a ship participating in antisubmarine warfare or any person having an interest in DEs specifically or in military affairs in general. There were DEs with diesel geared engines, diesel electric, steam turbo geared and steam turbo electric engines.

Destroyer escort sailors association

Excellent site by historian Dave McComb. At about the same time, the need for escorts demanded immediate attention. Online nude pic maker. Japanese submarines, lacking the hull strength and depth tolerance of their German counterparts, were more vulnerable to destruction by this weapon.

Looking for information about a specific DE or Shipmates? Battle of Ormoc Bay. For the ladies, the Ladies Auxiliary is very active and also is always looking for new members. Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software.

However, a depth charge barrage required a high degree of accuracy to score, particularly against the double-hulled German U-boats. They guarded minesweepers while they performed their dangerous tasks. The British had their backs to the wall fighting a foe under the sea as dangerous as the one in the air. It then fed data and recommendations to the captain on the flying bridge to assist him in his decisions.

The 3" guns were frequently criticized as lacking in penetration power against double-hulled U-boats. What do you get when you become a member of DESA?

Depth charges were detonated by hydrostatic pressure, and depth was set before firing. The Korean War Project. Practically all commanding officers had prior command experience on subchasers, patrol craft or minesweepers.

Later models also had magnetic impulse detonators which would fire when in proximity to a submarine. Amelia vega nude. Do you have questions or need more information?

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All 5" and most 3" DEs had a battery of three torpedo tubes. Big ass hot girls pics. Read the h istory of y our S h ip. Destroyer escort sailors association. List of all name from all conflicts. To find out more about the Slater, tours and abilities to volunteer, click here. As will be seen in chapter The Battle off Samar, torpedo batteries were among the main reason for the destroyer escorts' hour of glory.

The first two DEs went to the Royal Navy. The destroyer escorts played a major role in breaking the back of the German and Japanese submarine fleets and, together with APDs, contributed heavily to the defense against the kamikaze corps. Looking for Ship Postal Covers? Box Livermore Falls, ME Only a few chief and first class petty officers were sent aboard at commissioning. Ah, how times have changed. Kristen stewart nude sex video. Fueling at sea was a tense operation that tested the mettle of the skipper and helmsman alike.

Because of commitments for other types of craft, it was not until February when the first DE was delivered. The ship is open for tours and recently underwent an overhaul in Staten Island, NY. Call the DESA office for details on planning your reunion. As the years went on, the membership grew. Another deck was added along with troop berthing and messing accommodations for about 10 officers and men. There were two depth charge racks on the stern and four "K" guns on each side to fire depth charges outward, and an ahead thrown weapon called a "hedgehog".

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Currently the Slater is berthed in Albany, NY and has been fully restored due to the great efforts of volunteers and the steerage of Tim Rizzuto.

If interested, please go to the Ladies Auxiliary Membership page or click he re. In convoy, however, DEs zigzagged, followed devious routes to avoid submarines, and ran at speeds about three knots faster than the merchant ships.

However, coming alongside the tanker and getting the hose across in rough weather could be nerve wracking. They guarded minesweepers while they performed their dangerous tasks. Naked pictures of naomi campbell. R egister your ship and shipmates. B ack To Top. In addition to the above weapons, a DE had a secondary batter of about eight 20mm machine gun cannon and one quadruple 1.

Escorts took their fuel through a heavy hose. Fueling from an aircraft carrier was not one of my accomplishments.

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