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South Africa is as rotten as Swaziland if not worse. Real milf fucks sons friend. Swaziland's King of Decor Bling. Naked swazi girls. Swaziland is a polygamous country and the king has over a dozen wives. Showing barebreasted half naked african women is just reinforcing the stereotype that this is all of Africa. Let us not dweell on negetive aspects of life for that will get us nowhere!!!

Im so glad to be in this gallery, it is giving me the Renaissance of being a pure African child. Indeed this peoples have showed that they are true africans. The idea of marching to honor the country and their history as a nation seems too romantic to pass up.

But overal I admire the culture it would'nt fly for me but it works for our neighbours over there. Long live Africa, i wouldn't trade u for any other continent. This is beautiful culture. Sexy girl play video. Graphic images taken at the scene show the bloody bodies of young women on the back of a truck. The King participates on the Sunday to appreciate the attendants.

I wonder what went through your mind when your mother was breast feeding or when she breast feeds. During the ceremony, King Mswati chooses a new wife from among the women attending. I have seen your photographs and visited your other site. This proves that they know who they are and they keep their culture - dark or blue.

You do not want to step between a young girl and her opportunity to meet the King face-to-face. Mamotlalepula Mohale Sep Have heart for the poor. In schools, children are most often hit with the hand, sticks, canes, sjamboks and blackboard dusters.

They were to wear tassels in accordance to the law; a promise ring of sorts to the king and the law. Now leave us and our culture alone. I know the consequences of these traditional acts but lets not forget that this is not something that just started recently. So the Swazi people start all their children young; boys included. Www naked sex. Tinuade Subair May I also have some photos of the girls who come from South africa Xhosas, Zulus and Ndebeles clearly indicating that this is our black culture, like it or not.

Yet the leaders should not exploit them through tourism and unnecessarily taking many wives. Some human rights groups have criticized the event as sexist and outdated, as it involves women dancing semi-naked in front of the royal residence. Get your facts straight before you shoot off at the mouth1 The reed dance has given a lot of young girls reason to remain virgins until marriage

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Sorry some people are stupid, ignorant and ugly.

They are not the ones with a problem. Once a woman is chosen by the king, and the relation is made public, there is no law that can interfere. Sexy girl fingering. They praised the King for announcing that henceforth Swaziland would be a 'Monarchical Democracy'. I am currently 30years of age but my father only know two woman that I brought home since I started dating. Additionally, it is not only Swazi maidens who participate - there were bussloads of maidens from South Africa Mpumalanga who attended.

This stupid person from Zimbabwe who does not want white people in her country but want to practise their culture gives me a shock. How one can conclude that by saying this I am saying 'I want to be a white man' is beyond me. Naked swazi girls. The study found that children experiencing one type of violence were more likely to experience other types of violence. An artist will look at a potriat of a naked woman or man as a great piece of art, but a pervet will see porn in it.

I have enjoyed learning about the culture and peopl of Swaziland. Today however, the traditions have been modified slightly, allowing the girls to be shuttled to the riverbank after walking half of the distance; upon retrieving the reeds they again are allowed to be shuttled back half of the distance.

You can see this Reed Dance stuff on Youtube and you can see how some camera men be tryin to film up the womens skirt. Group girl nude. This is an event that you will understand better once you attend it, thereby having a chance of talking to the parents and the maidens themselves.

Give a clear picture of culture well preserved.

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Throughout Swaziland, there are bulletins posted with large, pink block lettering publicizing major events, or stories from within the country. The authourities musn't be mum about this, the king has been blamed for this by many people, that when there is Umhlanga he is expected to chose his latest, its time for the authorities to make this straight and tell the world of how the king is chosing his wives, because we all believe that he is chosing from this festive Is this culture or an occassion to gratify the king's whim?

If you lose your tradition, you will also lose a part of your importance. If the Swazi women are not objecting to this and do it voluntarily how can you call it "oppressive"? Lets just let the Swazi people practice their culture Ningasoneli lisiko letfu lelihle kakhulu nakangaka tsine lasenta satigcina sate sendza singakataleli emakhaya. The function of a breast is to produce milk to feed a child.

Mswati please motivate the young girls to get good education than to motivate them to get naked for u're own interest. I'm from Nigeria with much love for Swazis. But this is a tradition that was created before modern society, and so, if they don't want to live in "today" then who are we to criticize them. Sexy boobs lesbian sex. How can one disparage such a culture that gives the people their identity as well as furnishes their togetherness?

Remember only the God you are lean to, determine the thing to go well or wrong in your live. The Swazi Observer, a newspaper in effect owned by the King, reported on Wednesday 23 August that rehearsals for the event are underway. Mamotlalepula Mohale Sep

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Article 29 2 of the Swaziland Constitution states 'a child shall not be subjected to abuse or torture or other cruel inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment subject to lawful and moderate chastisement for purposes of correction'. This is what I call a selfish king. Makhosini Dlamini Oct Not only about preserving culture but supose to be spiritual way of live.

Many 'women'-better referred to as girls attend the celebration in hopes of becoming rich by marrying the king. Hidden camera on naked women. Big black girls licking pussy Naked swazi girls. In recent history Mswati has used the festival to announce his new brides. My King does not go to the Reed dance to "Pick a wife" and nor do girls walk around naked dancing for him with the hope that they will be chosen as the 50th wife.

U are just a life-less kunt!! The Inxwala dance is not held without the King but umhlanga reed dance is. The problem is that people can also be enslaved by culture and this is what is happening in Swaziland. Do you know in a town in South Western Nigeria a similar maiden festival is done.

Asia, Australia, and Africa. If this was a black man's thing everyone was going to complain.

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